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Engine 5

2005 Smeal Spartan Gladiator

2000 Gpm Pump

1000 Gal Tank


First due Engine company to all fire related emergencies in Fayette township. 


Rescue 1

2005 Pierce Dash 

Heavy Rescue

This truck was purchased in the winter of 2020 and was placed into service immediately two weeks after a devastating ice storm trapped our region. This unit is a specialty rescue that allows us to perform any auto extrication, confined space and rope rescue, HAZMAT, and any other specialty emergency in the area. 


Engine 7

1997 Pierce Dash 

2000 GPM pump

750 Gal Tank

40 gal AFFF foam 


Engine 7 is our first due rescue company to any rescue related emergency in our district.


Rescue 8

Rescue 8 is our medical first responder vehicle, which will also double as a command unit when occupied by an officer for large emergencies. This unit is primarily used to assist EMS when requested or when 4x4 is needed. 


Engine 6

1989 E-One Engine

1250 GPM Pump

1000 Gal Tank


Engine 6 is currently serving as our reserve unit. It is the second truck the township purchased brand new. Due to its condition and it is only used for special details or is used when one of our front line apparatus is out of service. 

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